The best camera

As Chase Jarvis once said: “The best camera is the one you have with you”. So True.

I use to carry my Fuji whenever I go out if I don’t have specific plan, just in case. You never know where you could end up and having that urge to document every day of my life aggravates it even more. I think it has to do with my bad memory.This Saturday I had to take my inlaws’ dog out before going out to dinner, and that’s specific enough to leave the camera at home. Fade to black. Enter my new iPhone SE. I knew the camera was superb when compared to the old Xperia Z3 and I took it out for a few snaps.

I must say the quality of the pictures are nothing to rave about. It’s a very capable camera when there’s good light but the IQ degrades so fast in the semi darkness realm. Anyway, I didn’t use its camera wisely: now I know I must use a manual app or at least not pushing the exposure too much.This series are processed with VSCO Cam E1-E2.