Near the farm

After spending the day by the city of Segovia (shamefully hitherto unknown for me) we got into the car to make the trip back home, and things in life, the navigator took us along the same path we had drove that very same morning to visit La Granja de San Ildefonso. So lucky of me! I had already set my sight on a place we had not stopped hours before, but in which it would have been a mistake not to do so give the wonderful light that covered everything that afternoon.

The spot was this small bridge, which crosses the Pontón Alto Reservoir in one of its narrowings, and which left a visual spectacle on each of its sides. I stopped the car like someone who sees a boar on the road and I took photos on both sides of the bridge, crossing the road three or four times to take advantage of every second of that sunset, just as the sun kept hiding behind the horizon.

The moment is so brief that all these photos are made in a period of less than four minutes, from the lightest to the darkest. A minute earlier there were no pinkish tones in the sky, only light blue; and a minute later, only darkness. In order to appreciate the darkening, I have sorted the photos chronologically. This time I can say without fear of being wrong that I was at the exact moment in the exact place.

Date of Capture
Mar 8, 2015


Canon EOS 5D Mark II

Canon EF 25-105 F4 IS